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Wine growers for generations

Our family, our land, our wine

Cultivating on the hills is significantly different. And it is in this specific difference, made of love and sacrifice, talent and rough hands, sun and slopes, that lies our identity.

Bival is a winery that has been producing wine for more than 70 years. The whole production comes from property grapes only, sited in Guia of Valdobbiadene (TV), in the heart of the noble area of Valdobbiadene DOCG.

All steps from the cultivation up to the vinification are directly conducted by the family. Moreover, it all takes place in the wineyard, next to our winery. This is what we mean when talking about a short production chain.

Biasiotto family

It all began in the ‘50s, when Costantino Biasiotto acquired some wineyards called Rive della Senta. From then, day by day, year by year, he dedicated his whole life to wineyard cultivation with that special care, only the best things deserve.

With the passing of the time, together with the first piece of land, others came through along with the running of generations. Costantino’s sons, Pio, Ettore with his wife Emilia and Aldo, inherited his activity together with his inclination, now joined by Paolo, new growing adventurer.

Smiling DOCG


The eldest among all brothers, he represents the memory of the winery. He follows all production phases, from the pruning of the plants up to the vinification process. He loves entertaining hosts and friends while visiting the winery and the lands around.


Great vineyard enthusiast and fond of every single aspect of wine making and grapes, he loves taking care about his land working with fatherly love. Together with his brother, Aldo, he realizes tailored pruning work aimed at good quality picking. He is Paolo’s father, who transmitted to him his great passion for wine making.


Loving his work totally, spending his whole life in the fields and among lands, he is an expert winemaker. Wine quality is his major final task, that together with Ettore, he pursues and researches each year. His objective is, in fact, to ensure best quality as wine growing consequence.


Tireless, filled with energy and always comprehending both family and business necessities, she is a great co-worker helping for the final aim: a harvest good outcome. She is Ettore’s wife and Paolo’s mother. She perfectly integrates herself in the winery, giving to it a sense of maternity and spreading a strong human care.


He is the youngest of the whole family. He entered the winery in 2005. His entrance took with himself a great innovation spirit, a strong production activity and selling process renewal, maintaining a significant connection with tradition and history at the same time.

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